"In my journey towards a healthier lifestyle, I've been using superfoods for the past decade. And LIT by High In Life Superfoods is my new superfood of choice. When I'm on tour, my regimen can leave the normal person wiped out and exhausted, both mentally and physically. Especially when there's a double- or triple-duty gig day going on. LIT has me feeling, looking, and playing better than ever, and that's what has made me so excited about it. LIT has a balanced, focused energy and longevity that enhances my creativity, performance, and overall life. It's called 'Futurefood' for a reason, and my future is what's most important to me. That's why LIT is my superfood, and you should make it yours." -Gene Hoglan

LIT - 2nd batch: "I am already a fan of the taste of LIT, but I admit, I do come from the background of, "I think my superfood and all health products should taste like dirt", which, as High On Life Superfoods, with all their products are showing me, does not have to be the way at all. They've now proven to me that a superfood product can taste amazing and be as effective (if not more) than if it tasted like I pulled it out of a compost heap. However, in keeping with my 'dirt' leanings, LIT has now released a new batch of itself, where the sweetness has been backed down slightly. Perhaps they've decided to lower the amount of stevia in this latest round, but hey, the fact that High On Life had the stones to add stevia to LIT in the first place is remarkable. Who else has done that? Maybe a product out there has, but LIT was the first that I've come across in my years of 'superfooding'. LIT still has the amazing taste that I love, only this new batch is merely slightly less sweet. And it's effectiveness still remains intact, so it's a win/win for all who already enjoy it, as well as for those fools who've yet to. So get on it, fools! Haha." -Gene Hoglan
WIRED: "Now we're talkin', people! High On Life has now released their brain formula, WIRED, which is an oil where a tablespoon is all you need, taken on its own (although I admit, I add mine to a quarter bottle of water). This stuff is amazing, I completely feel how WIRED has a demonstrative impact on my day. The energy that this gives me, that I'm sure comes from the fact that ingesting this is like turning on a light switch for the brain, is quite palpable. For example, in my life, with all the travel and work-schedule involved, there are many days where I sleep for 3-4 hours a night. Before I tried WIRED, any superfood I'd take in the morning would allow me to run really decently for the day, and I could easily get through any challenges. WIRED makes me thrive. Which stands to reason, that when the brain feels energized and vital, one's energy increases. We've all heard the euphemism of, "on steroids". Well, I've never done steroids, but I would imagine that maybe taking WIRED would be like being 'on steroids'. Only you're not on steroids, you're 'on' a completely natural, plant-based entity whose only effects are that of feeling amazing and impenetrable. With no 'raging' whatsoever involved, only the feeling of accomplishment at tackling your day at a higher energy level. I am truly into getting WIRED every day." -Gene Hoglan
DEADLY: "This stuff is designed to be the death to all pathogens. And so far, for me, it is. About 30 minutes or so after getting WIRED, I get DEADLY, and then there's no stopping my day. Again, although I'm 30-plus years into never sleeping enough, paying the price in 'brain fog' sometimes, those days for me are now gloriously over! I'm not kidding! Starting my day with LIT, then adding the WIRED, then a few drops of DEADLY, I swear I become all three of those things, and I have ten times the energy than I've ever had, and that's no joke. I'm already to the point where I haven't been truly ill or sick in 11 years, but now, I know that I will never be sick EVER AGAIN, ever, due to what I put into my body. DEADLY will kill any and all attacks on my system from any disease. I love having that confidence. Who else gets to say, with full knowledge and truth aforethought, that, "I will never be sick again, ever"? Me. And by that train of thought, you too." -Gene Hoglan

WOKE: "Then, HOLSF had to go and release an energy bar. Damn, I loooove these. There's no way, with the way that these taste, that these can be good for you. Yet they are. With the glut of energy 'candy bars' that exist on the market does the world truly need another? Absolutely not. But the world needs WOKE. Just read the ingredients, this should taste like sawdust, yet it tastes like cake. I've had to stay away from most energy bars all these years, because of the dessert-iness of them, but not so with WOKE. My only issue is the size, I wish they were bigger. Because I like cake. And 'cake' that's actually nutritious and good for you? Another win/win for Hoglan, so yay for me." - Gene Hoglan
NEXT LEVEL: "Energy greens are an exemplary way of boosting energy levels and I'll admit, as of this writing, I've yet to explore in-depth the magic that I'm sure NEXT LEVEL brings, as I'm still busy freaking out over the energy I've got off HOSFL's other products in conjunction with each other. But, if all that energy is combined into one concoction, NEXT LEVEL, how can this not be another winner? I'm gonna investigate NEXT LEVEL much further soon, and I've no doubt I'm gonna feel like I should be paying a Colombian druglord some prime dough to have all the energy I'm gonna have after getting into it. I'm gonna feel like Tony Montana at the end of Scarface, only without the melted brain, lead poisoning and self-death of course." - Gene Hoglan


High On Life Superfoods welcomes legendary drummer Gene Hoglan, "The Atomic Clock", to the family. Gene has been in the business since he was 16 years old, doing lights for Slayer on their (and his) very first tour. He then moved on to play drums for Dark Angel, Death, Dethklok, Testament, Anthrax, Galaktikon, Strapping Young Lad, Opeth and many more. Black Sabbath's drummer Bill Ward refers to him as, "The new John Bonham, the leading light of a new generation." Testament's 'Dark Roots of Earth', for which Hoglan laid down the drum tracks, debuted at number 12 on the Billboard album chart and number 9 worldwide. Less than three months later, Dethklok's third album, 'Dethalbum III', hit number 10 on the Billboard album chart and Number One on the rock charts. It marked the first time in history that an extreme metal drummer was featured on two Top 15 albums within a three-month period.Over the last 10 years Gene has lost 160 pounds and has used superfoods as part of his daily regimen to meet the demanding duty of playing two to three back to back extreme shows with different acts flawlessly on tour, as well as twelve to fourteen hours a day in the recording studio. Gene has also been known to learn up to a dozen songs in a day for live and studio sessions. Gene has had television appearances on Late Night with Seth Meyers, a series currently running by the UK's Sky Arts, "The Art Of Drumming", and the Eric Andre Show. Gene is a true legend, an anomaly, an inspiration to so many, and one stand-up dude! Welcome Gene, it is an honor.

Check out Gene's full bio here:



RON RINEHART | Vocalist of Legendary Thrash Metal Band DARK ANGEL

LIT: "First off I can not say enough positive things about LIT!!! I really do LOVE this product. For those who do not know me or what I have done to myself; I seem to like anything extreme: music, sports, etc. We can call it a need. So now being 54 years immature, I have lived a life of very cool yet with some unfortunate mishaps. Some of these events have landed me in the hospital and some have ended up in just bumps and bruises.  Nevertheless, as you get a little older it is harder for your body to get moving every morning. It is harder for you to get up and get going when all of those old injuries are not allowing you any sleep. When I first started using LIT (High on Life) I was told I would start to feel better. Honestly, I didn't believe it. I was told, in time, that some of my old injuries would start to feel better. I didn't believe it. I was told I would even start to sleep better. I didn't believe it. But now with over 7 months on LIT (High on Life). I BELIEVE IT!!!!"

NEXT LEVEL: "All of us need energy, balance and regeneration!! All of us!! So every morning I wake up and start with NEXT LEVEL! Why? Because Monday through Friday this is my coffee in the morning!!! Yes, you read that right! I start my day with NEXT LEVEL, and then I'm ready to roll, rock, or rage through anything!!! No crash, just fuel that your body needs and wants!!"


WIRED:"When your band nickname is the L.A Caffeine Machine you know just a little bit about being Wired. This is another one of those tools in my belt that I am thankful to have... especially in the morning. I usually like to use this 15 to 30 minutes after I use the NEXT LEVEL!!! Unstoppable!!! It even makes Dark Angel songs sound super slow!?!?"

DEADLY: "Death!! Death to all pathogens!!!! So Straight up!!! You know when DEADLY is working when everyone around you is sick, and you feel great!!! I Love it!!! I'm usually the sick one, always! After every thing that I've done to myself over the years. I'm usually always the first person to get sick but not anymore!!! Thanks to Deadly! My hitman for all of those pathogens that are always trying to bring us all down."


WOKE: "Complete!!! Complete!!! Complete!!! No food? No problem!! No energy? No problem!! Feeling Fatigue? No problem!! Put this bar through any test!! Up against any other bar on the market!! Woke will beat it!!! The taste is great, and works even better!!! I eat these when I am beat down and hungry and WOKE kills both!!"

"I approve this!! Because I wrote this!!" - Ron Rinehart


Ron Rinehart (born January 25, 1965) is an American thrash metal vocalist. He is the lead singer for the American thrash metal band Dark Angel. His stints were from 1987 (after the departure of previous vocalist) until the band's dissolution in 1992, and again from 2002 to 2005, when they were reunited. In October 2013, Dark Angel announced another reunion, which also features Rinehart.
He was first featured on the Dark Angel album Leave Scars, followed by Live Scars, and Time Does Not Heal. He also had a guest vocalist appearance on thrash metal band Viking's album Man of Straw.
After Dark Angel's dissolution, Rinehart and bandmate Eric Meyer went on to form a band called Hunger. They released a three track demo the following year. He has also played in the Christian rock band Oil, but left in 2004 to pursue other musical interests.



ERIC MEYER | Guitarist of DARK ANGEL, creator of Attack Rack Precision Drum Racks

"How ya doin? My name is Eric Meyer and I'm the guitar player in Dark Angel and also the designer and owner of Attack Rack Precision drum racks. I've recently been turned onto this product that I wanted to share with you today because it really helps me out with my day. I like to bike ride anywhere from 10-15 miles per day to keep my heart good. I have  recently been turned onto this product by High on Life Superfoods and this product is a drink supplement/ meal supplement called LIT and I combine this with this other product they make called WIRED and it really helps get me through my day. You should check it out as well." - Eric Meyer




Turner Valley native, Chase Hummel a.k.a. Deception @decep403 , is no stranger to the Canadian Hip-Hop scene. With 16 years of song writing and performing, his defined style resonates experience and skill. 2007 was the first major milestone for Deception when he released his first self funded project titled "Under False Creek". 2007 also marked the year Deception teamed up with Noah B and engineer/producer Rob Shallcross to create the Hip Hop/Metal infused sound machine called "Random Humans". In the following 6 years "Random Humans" toured extensively as the main support act for artists including: Living Legends, Abstract Rude, Awol One, 2Mex, Redman, The Beatnuts, Factor and Evil Ebeneezer. In 2011 "Random Humans" opened for Onyx in a tour that stretched across Europe. In 2015 Deception changed gears and began writing for his second solo album "the Cure". With their compatible mind frame and work ethic, Deception continued to enlist the help of producer/engineer Rob Shallcross (Reversed Records) to develop his ideas into a fresh new sound. October 17th 2018 marked the day Deception dropped his new single and self made video for "The Cure". Watch out for trendsetting Deception in the future evolution of the Canadian Hip-Hop sound! #deception

"High on isn't just a frame of mind anymore. It's a product...and that product fucking works!!!"- Deception


"High on Life Superfoods is a great way for me to supplement my diet with QUALITY nutrition. Aside from being a highly physical heavy metal drummer, I am highly active in the gym as well, I have used protein powders and supplements to offset my nutritional needs in and out of the gym for decades, and I've have never come across something that gives me as much energy and and overall great feeling throughout my body when I take it, like LIT by High on Life Superfoods. I am anxiously looking forward to the next batch of products from High On Life Superfoods. LIT is only the start!" - Jason Bittner



"Huge thanks to @highonlifesuperfoods for the care package! I've been using their superfood for the past week or two and I'm already noticing a huge difference in my energy level with no jittery feelings or crashing whatsoever. Can't wait to use this on the road."

"My daily morning routine has been breakfast, LIT, then 5 hours of drumming. When I use LIT, not only does it give me a ton of energy, but it gives me a feeling of balance all day long. Every ingredient in LIT is natural and great for the body and mind, nothing else can compare." -Alex Bent




"I am EXTREMELY PLEASED to announce that I have officially joined the @highonlifesuperfoods family of endorsed athletes! My journey with health, fitness and nutrition spans most of my life and the entirety of my drumming career. Crippled by spinal injuries at a young age, I was told by doctors that if I was to live a long, healthy, PAIN FREE life that included EXTREME METAL DRUMMING, major changes would have to be made. After many hard years of rehabilitation, trial and error, training, and research in performance dieting, I was able to not only RECOVER from injury, but I was able to take it a step further. Now, with the help of NEXT LEVEL products like these, I am able to reach newer heights of strength, endurance, health and vitality than I ever thought possible. @highonlifesuperfoods have given me that extra BOOST that I need to get the job done, in the GYM and on the STAGE. Do you want to experience your best SELF and the best PERFORMANCE of your life? The answer is simple. Get yours NOW! Watch It Go!" - Bryan James Newbury






Tomato (born Chris Harfenist August 17, 1969) is an American musician who is best known for being the lead singer and drummer for the alternative rock band Sound of Urchin. Tomato was born in New York City, grew up in Rockland County, NY, and presently resides in Brooklyn, NY. He also plays drums in The Moistboyz as well as Dave Dreiwitz from Ween's "Crescent Moon". Tomato was mentored by Gary Chester author of Modern Drummer Publication's drum book "The New Breed". Tomato has also played drums for Ween and recorded drums with Tenacious D for the Comedy Central Crank Yankers version of "The Friendship Song". Tomato also has appeared on an episode of the Nickelodeon kids show The Naked Brothers Band (TV Show), as guest drummer along with Questlove and Claude Coleman JR. Tomato is also married to internet celebrity Lori Harfenist, host of The Resident.

"I couldn't love your product more.  My workouts/runs are better than ever, I have more energy when drumming, pretty much limitless, and just more energy in general.  I am leaner and my body is responding remarkably to Lit.  After years and years of trying everything, I can honestly say that this is the first product that I can truly actually see a tangible difference in my overall life.  So thanks!!!" - Chris Harfenist



"Hey guys I wanted to talk to you about my friends over at High on Life superfoods; they make gluten free, plant based raw meals. It's just great for naturally increasing your energy, clear skin, glowing eyes. Hemp protein is great source amino acids, zinc, vitamin D, omega 3 and omega 6; it's a nice balanced ratio. It just naturally gives me energy and makes me feel full. It's high in fibre too, naturally and super rich in anti-oxidants. I would give them a try, it's just going to give benefits to your daily life. so give it a try and to my friends over at High on Life Superfoods; thank you! I love your products!" -Felicity Feline



"This stuff rules and helps get ready for a day of hard work in my touring life style" -Vincent Price



"High On Life Superfoods has changed my life, no joke. First of all, the ingredients are pure whole SUPER foods! Being a workaholic I'm always struggling to eat healthy and to find the time to make healthy foods for myself. I usually have to rely on my wonderful wife to make us our meals, but we work different schedules, so we aren't together half of the time. So most of the time I end up just eating junk food to hold myself over until I'm done working. Enter the LIT! I've been using it for just over a month now and OH MY GAWD do I feel the difference! Not to mention, the convenience of making myself a HEALTHY meal within minutes is amazing. It tastes great and gives me energy that lasts all day without any crash later! I've also really been loving their WIRED product which is a blend of omega oils and fatty acids. OH BOY does this stuff do wonders for your brain and nervous system! I've been mixing it with the LIT and consuming it before I play drums, and I have never felt more comfortable behind the kit. I feel like something inside my brain unlocks and I'm able to think of more creative drum fills and process song parts differently than I have before. This stuff is pure gold. And when I'm really on the go and need a quick snack, the WOKE energy bar does wonders for me. Made with all raw organic ingredients, I don't know how the hell this energy bar tastes so good! Floored. 

Lastly, as someone who suffers from an Immunoglobulin deficiency, the DEADLY Anti-Bacterial drops really hit home for me. I'm always struggling to stay healthy, especially when traveling. Whenever someone around me is sick, 99% of the time I will get it. And when I get sick, I get sick BAD! This is just what I need as an extra immune system defense and I can't express in words just how perfect it is for someone like myself. I fucking LOVE High On Life Superfoods! Thank you guys for making such amazing products and I am more than honored to be part of the family!!!" - Samus



"Taking LIT/HIGH on LIFE Superfood concoctions these last few months has been a very positive experience in many ways. I say this because, when I started taking them, I felt a REAL boost in my energy without a crash, & this started making me take a serious look at other foods/substances  in my diet with negative effects on my energy. Through conscious effort & experimentation, I have removed  many such negative things, which would have been a very rough undertaking without the help/support of these products!! Also, It has been very inspiring to see many of my colleagues/peers such as Gene Hoglan(+ many others) have such genuinely irrefutable results(with these products),  that have upped there  general output/performance!  Overall, I would say it has been a catalyst in seeking a long-term all-embracing healthy lifestyle. " - Jason Morley



"Austin D'Amond from DevilDriver here!!!! I've been hearing and seeing my homies in the industry using High life Super foods. I did some homework on them. The product seemed amazing for us that are on the go go go!!! I reached out and was able to try their LIT Cocoa Maple Chai supplement and WOKE health bar !!!! I gotta say I had an insane Shred on the drums and still energy after I'd played for/ hours!!! I highly recommend this Shreddy Blend of Soul cleansing Goodness!!! Thanks y'all!!!! " - Austin D'Amond



"I tried this stuff, pretty cool @highonlifesuperfoods. Mind body and spirit !! " - Ernie C



"How does a touring musician stay healthy on the road? HIGH on LIFE superfoods is a GREAT way to start and stay on top of your health, performance and creativity 💪🏻 I received a shipment from them right before the last Misery Index European tour. I took the LIT plant-based protein (includes hemp, alfalfa, spinach, carrots, kale, & cocoa powder to name a few) every day before I hit the stage and BAM! 💥YOU CAN FEEL THIS STUFF. It gave me the energy I needed every night to power through the hour+ set list 👹 HIGH ON LIFE SUPERFOODS is a game changer. The ridiculous roster of people using this stuff alone speaks volumes. TRY IT - you'll thank me later!" - Adam Jarvis



"High On Life products are the real deal - it's the ultimate plant-based nutritional supplement solution - with top only shelf ingredients and no fillers. I've been using NEXT LEVEL (Greens), LIT (Hemp Protein+Veggies) and WIRED (Omega fatty acids) for the last month and I've been making the most gains and feeling the best I have in years!" - Oli Beaudoin


B E H I N D  T H E  S C E N E S




High On Life Superfoods™ welcomes Geoff Bruce, veteran tech for Gene Hoglan, Dark Angel, Death DTA, Death Angel, Everlast, Testament, Mudvayne, Coal Chamber, Spine Shank, Static X, Chimaira, Thievery Corp, Kyuss Lives. With the demanding long hours on the road and many sleepless nights of travel, Geoff subscribes to Superfoods to get the extra edge he needs to dominate and keep his high profile clients happy. Welcome to the family Geoff Bruce!


"As a 20+ year road warrior, I've been through a vast array of wellness set ups to keep healthy on the tour. The ease of coffee in the morning and throughout the day can be detrimental and dehydrating, not mention a component for extended anxiety. I have found LIT  to be very helpful in my day to day health maintenance.  I'll have one in the morning to get going and sometimes one more in the afternoon. Not time consuming, super quick and all good things for your mind and body. It's easy to fall into bad eating habits on the road but LIT makes is easier to develop good ones. Couldn't be easier. Get LIT!" - Geoff Bruce



I'm not a huge supplement guy, but LIT by High On Life Superfoods tastes pretty good and gives a nice subtle energy boost throughout the day. Add to a smoothie and enjoy. A great choice for vegans on the go or travelling." - Vegan Black Metal Chef



"High on Life's LIT is just that: Lit. It's a potent blend of healthy ingredients, designed to get you through the day with clean, natural energy. The hemp protein base makes a great vegan alternative to whey protein. I'm a fan of the fact that that it helps neutralize pH levels, which is helpful given the amount of caffeine I consume in a day. I mixed mine with water for a more traditional protein shake, but I'm excited to try some of the delicious-looking recipes listed on their website."- Zach Matchem



"2nd batch of next level!!! Using it for upping my PH levels. And for the hemp, blueberry, blackberry powder as I have kidney stones or cysts! I am sure these powders as they are recommended for kidney issues will continue to help. I have immunity issues and gastroparesis as well and this has helped with that so far as well!!! I was a 2 a day energy drink drinker. Now I just use Next Level!!! This has been such a blessing to use!!! Hoping to try the LIT soon as well. Thank you for this awesome product." - Duane Keith



"I've been utilizing High on Life Superfoods to balance meals throughout the day...
Staying busy instead of hungry!
" - Oscar Cabrera




Kim makes custom rock wear for big names in the world of Rock and Wrestling such as Chris Jericho, Bray Wyatt, Nita Strauss (Alice Cooper), Rob Zombie and Slipknot.


"I want to say thanks to High On Life Superfoods for keeping me fueled up this trip- LIT is not only great when I'm home and working out, but it's an easy way to start my day when I'm traveling! I feel super energized and alert no matter what time zone, and an added bonus when Dealing With Vikings up here is that it's an amazing hangover cure!! " - Kim Dylla



"A healthy diet is very important to me but not always convenient to achieve .  I have been cleaning up my diet over the past couple of years and adding foods and supplements to feed my cells and repair a lifetime of damage due to unhealthy habits... Enter High on Life Superfoods! They do all the work for you and offer a delicious hemp based , vegan, gluten free, convenient super-food that tastes great and keeps you feeling uplifted throughout the long work day. They also offer a raw hemp energy bar loaded with seeds, nuts , dates and other yummy stuff that is soft chewy, delicious and naturally sweet; and perfect for when I spend long hours at the studio. We only have one body and its not too late to get it back on track; you can do it with LIT!!!! Also looking forwards to using a few other products of  theirs to help with inflammation from OA and immunity boosting. " - Jeanne E Thomas



Since 2009, I've toured with a number of legendary punk and metal bands from around the world as a freelance tour manager and/or merchandiser. I first cut my teeth with Outbreak from Maine, and then Smartbomb from Central Massachusetts. I soon after found myself working for the one and only, A Wilhelm Scream. From there, the doors opened up to a laundry list of more great live bands I've been more than fortunate to have shared experiences with, and learned from. Including Alestorm, Insomnium, the Flatliners, Such Gold, Omnium Gatherum, Dark Tranquillity, Wolfheart, Feed Her To The Sharks, Obscura, King Diamond, Death Angel, Cryptopsy, Panzerfaust, Sanctuary, Obituary, and Testament. 

"High On Life Superfoods are simply amazing! I'm elated with this product and adding it into my diet. The Woke bars had me shocked with how much energy that little bar provided and sustained, while being absolutely delicious! I blared right through them. The LIT mix was another shocker! Almost instantaneously I felt an uplifting rush, as if I was given an elixir for the absurdly exquisite. Wildly convenient for my fast paced life on and off the road. 100% Rad Chad tested and approved - Chad Topor



"My turn to pimp the love juice!!!  I've used the Lit on tour and at home and let me tell ya, it's always a home run!  I especially like it first thing in the morning as it really is a great way to start a day.  Do yourself a favor and give it a go.  It took me no time at all to fall in love with this sweet potion... Thanks for the shipment Rob Shallcross, love being High on Life!!!" - Kevin Young



"Almost 2 months on LIT now and I feel better than ever, my overall energy is up, I've been loosing weight even though I don't have time to go to a gym with my tour schedule... I feel I still have a long way to go to be able to continue touring like this, and High On Life will for sure be a strong partner in that!- Dieter Bossaerts


 H E A L T H  &  F I T N E S S  P R O F E S S I O N A L S




"This is a great all natural product that I can incorporate into my regular diet regime helping to maintain while making new positive gains." - Full Blown Fitness trainer and nutritionist Mike Schnurrer

High on Life Superfoods would like to welcome @fullblownfitness to the team!
With over 15 years experience in the bodybuilding industry both personal and through training others Full Blown Fitness has the knowledge to get you lean, lose body fat, gain muscular strength and look aesthetically pleasing!
Over the years Full Blown Fitness has helped with a various assortment of fitness goals.
From weight loss, muscle toning & building strength to more specific goals including helping police and firefighter recruits pass their physical abilities test (CPAT), making PR's for marathon runners, fighters making their weight to bodybuilding competition prep.



"For someone who is always looking for an edge when it comes to getting the most from my workouts and diets, HIGH on LIFE superfoods, "LIT", is that edge! With super potent ingredients that can actually be absorbed by the body, and a refreshing taste too, HIGH on LIFE "LIT" is the power-up your smoothie has been missing. Kick start your day with it, or blend into your post-workout shake, you'll F*&ckin' WISH you only had it sooner. " - Noah B




Athletes from all walks enjoy our products! Jesse Petterson is a long drive athlete as well as a wellness advocate, health and life coach. Go check out this unstoppable dude Jesse Petterson who will competing in the World Long Drive Championship. Best of luck, we know you'll crush it!



"I started using the LIT High on Life Superfoods hemp protein powder a few months ago and instantly fell in love. The maple chai coco flavour is the best I've tasted on the market and is so easy to drink on its own with just water.
The mix of protein and greens is great for me to get the proper nutrients in during the day and is easy to take with me everywhere as I spend most of my days either on set, driving around or at the gym training for body building and crossfit competitions. It is filling, gives me the little boost of energy I usually need and my body loves it!
- Ashley Young

Ashley Young is an unstoppable force in the gym and in her career! Go check out her page and see what we mean! 💗 Thanks for sharing the love of LIT, Ashley !


"Upon starting Lit, I could feel the difference in my body immediately. Unlike other powders or supplements with 30+ ingredients that can't be pronounced, Lit is simple and clean. My stomach and system felt better within a day of starting. What I thought was low effort run yielded something close to a race pace! The taste is fantastic, my kids love it and I have no worries about putting these pure ingredients in my or their bodies. I can't wait to see the results that a couple of months will give!" - Jeff Penner



Richard Klinick is a community support worker who works with adults with developmental disabilities and in general one hell of a good guy.

"I have been into healthy eating and supplements for a couple years now and 3 months ago I was introduced to LIT by High On Life Superfoods and it brightened up my world and made everything more inspirational for me. In the past I've done allot of athletics and hard labour and developed arthritis, inflammation in my joints as well tendon damage. After 1 month I had major relief from these symptoms and have noticed my overall health and well being to have improved greatly in this 3 month period. A few other things I have noticed it has improved my workouts 10 fold , helped with my anxiety and I am now more comfortable in social situations."   - Richard Klinick



"I've been an High Life Superfoods user now for two months. Never one to go in for supplements, I was skeptical, but from the get go I could feel a big difference in my energy level as well as feeling more alert and focused. Now I'm sold. Go get ya some!"   - Phillip Gibson

DEADLY: "Anytime I've felt the slightest onset of a cold this season i start taking Deadly until its gone. Haven't been sick once plus i just started feeling a cold yesterday....mainly in the sinuses and I've been using it as nasal spray and it's almost knocked it out over the course of less than 24 hrs. I truly love your products and wish you all great success in the future. Keep it up!" - Phillip Gibson



Bart the cat keeps stealing bars from Brian James Newbury so we have to keep sending him 2 cases at a time! We always use only the best ingredients; just ask Bart the cat! 😜