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High on Life is the leading provider of the most biologically available hemp-based essential nutrient-rich supplements intended to instill optimal health to the entertainment industry, all up-and-comers, and those who wish to perform at the next level in the physical and creative realms.


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High on Life profitably provides the highest quality health and wellness future food and information that feeds the creative genius and empowers lifestyles that are positive examples for others.

Be Special. Get High on Life.

M E E T   O U R   T E A M

Rob Shallcross | Aka: The Wizard

Rob has been a fixture in the music community for over 3 decades, and is a Juno Award and Western Canadian Music Award-winning engineer. In 2014, Rob was instrumental in resurrecting the career of thrash metal titans Dark Angel for a limited number of festival appearances. Rob's latest release is Gene Hoglan's feature film "The Atomic Clock: The Clock Strikes Two", where he is credited as the film's Producer, Co/Director, Audio Recording and Mixing Engineer for the soundtrack that includes Death, Strapping Young Lad, Testament, Galaktikon and Meldrum. Rob is currently managing legendary metal drummer Gene Hoglan and legendary founders of thrash/speed metal, Dark Angel, and has worked with many other talented artists including: Gwar, Fear Factory, Deception, Metaspherical, Overkill, Darkest Hour, Zimmer's Hole, Devin Townsend, 3 inches of Blood and Derek Miller.
Rob loves his work, and as his career has progressed he has made an effort to achieve a better balance and gain optimal health, due to the challenges he's faced in relating to the typically negative and unhealthy environment of the entertainment industry. Witnessing some of his clients and friends fall to substance abuse, depression, hard times and health issues initially inspired him in this direction.
High On Life Superfoods is Rob's effort to encourage others to benefit from what has brought balance, focus and inspiration to his life during trying times. His passionate commitment to provide a higher level of products and services to the community that he is not only humbled by, but infinitely grateful to is unwavering.


Charles Holmes | Aka: The Hemp Guy

Charles has been involved in the health and wellness products and services industry for over 30 years after being motivated to renew his youthful performance that he squandered from living a stressful lifestyle and was now faced with debilitating dis-ease symptoms and an ensuing colostomy operation. His crash course in cleansing and diet reform saved the loss of his organs and revealed the path to the purpose for his life.  As a typical “A type” personality Aries, he focused in and sought out and integrated what are the highest teachings and from the experts in the field of health and wellness.

In the year 2000, after years of searching for the ultimate food source for humans, Charles discovered hemp seeds to be the optimal essential amino acids (protein) and essential fatty acids (Omega 3 and 6 good fats) source. The Holmes family became pioneers in the hemp industry started a marketing and distribution company called Living Harvest Conscious Nutrition (now: Tempt brand) and in 2006 started Holmes Enterprises to become Hempco Canada Superfoods as a hemp foods processor and is now a major global supplier of bulk, PLANETHEMP human food and PRAISE animal supplement brands and a public trading company. TSX-V: HEMP.

His invaluable experience as a supplier in the health food industry afforded him access to many suppliers and formulators and ultimately know everyone who was doing anything of significance in this area. However, what he discovered was most products were based on marketing and not quality and bio-availability! Discouraged with the reception he received to deliver a complete rejuvenative product line and eating program to people through health food stores, he pulled the products and started Conscious Planet in 2005 to fill the massive void that he found in health food stores.

Charles is a closet singer songwriter and met Rob in the studio. Charles introduced Rob to high quality products and results inspiring the collaboration to meet the desperate needs of some simple, convenient and highly effective supplements for the entertainment industry higher level performers.